QOF database

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These downloads contain all of the data in the database for specific years.

Please be aware these are large datasets (over 30Mb each) which will not fit onto a spreadsheet.

Access Databases

These contain the data and some relationships between the tables. Forms and reports are left up to you.

All years (2005-2016) Access format. Very big file - 270Mb (ish)

2016 Access Data

2015 Access Data

2014 Access Data

2013 Access Data

2012 Access Data

2011 Access Data

2010 Access Data

2009 Access Data

2008 Access Data

2007 Access Data

2006 Access Data

Generic CSV and SQL downloads

A little more work but easy to put into a server database. Much smaller downloads - over 15Mb each. From 2011 onwards these are in a new format with a minor change in 2015

All of the data for all years (2005-20). Really big file 319Mb compressed

2020 Data (18Mb)

2019 Data (19Mb)

2018 Data (18Mb)

2017 Data (21Mb)

2016 Data (14Mb)

2015 Data (18Mb)

2014 Data (21Mb)

2013 Data (24Mb)

2012 Data (23Mb)

2011 Data (20Mb)

2010 CSV Data

2009 CSV Data

2008 CSV Data

2007 CSV Data

2006 CSV Data

2005 CSV Data